Colborn "Collie" Sackett is the husband of Mary Ann Sackett and father to Tell, Orrin, Tyrel, Bob and Joe Sackett. He, like his wife, is never named in the books, only being named in The Sackett Companion, having always been referred to as "Pa" by his sons.

He is shown to be a caring father, despite sometimes leaving his family for extended periods. He was a trapper, mountain man and hunter and had gone to the Rocky Mountains several times. During his final journey, he traveled with Andre Baston, Pierre Bontemps, Nativity Pettigrew, and Angus Priest to find the gold of Treasure Mountain. He was killed by Nativity Pettigrew, who wanted the gold for himself. He had wounded Nativity before he died, though.

His fate was unearthed by his sons Orrin and Tell, with help from The Tinker, and Judas Priest, Angus Priest's brother.